amaryllis boutique guest house
a french country house in the heart of Pindos
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The Guest House
with the stuff dreams are made of
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8 Rooms
a different sense and a different experience in each one
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The Guest House...

Our guest house is a stone-built mansion of the 19th century located at the village of Ano Pedina, in Zagorohoria, which underwent a refined renovation in 2009.

By pairing the aesthetics of the French countryside with the traditional local architecture, we have created 3 stone buildings that contain 8 romantic rooms filled with the stuff dreams are made of.

The Amaryllis Experience...

Amaryllis is much more than a high-quality French style Boutique Guest House.

Staying in Amaryllis is a way to ensure that you will enjoy a complete travelling experience of Zagorohoria. We have been travellers ourselves and we fully understand the difference that the knowledge of the place, the will to accommodate personal needs and the eagerness to offer a complete experience can make when travelling.

Accommodation in Amaryllis...

Amaryllis is an amazing combination of architectural beauty, decoration perfection, relaxed atmosphere and very personal hospitality.

It is a traditional Zagori mansion dated 1867 that has been meticulously refurbished in 2009 to a French provinces style boutique guest house where every detail has been carefully put together for your comfort and relaxation.

The Zagorohoria Experience...

Zagori (Zagorohoria), meaning the place behind the mountain, is a large (100 X 100 km) area of pristine natural beauty in the heart of protected “Northern Pindos National Park” which is part of Natura 2000 and a candidate location for UNESCO World Heritage.)

It comprises a group of 46 picturesque villages distinguished for their diverse fauna and flora, local history, rich culture, traditional cuisine and unique stone houses architecture.


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