The Amaryllis Experience

Amaryllis is much more than a high-quality French style Boutique Guest House.

Staying in Amaryllis is a way to ensure that you will enjoy a complete travelling experience of Zagorohoria. We have been travellers ourselves and we fully understand the difference that the knowledge of the place, the will to accommodate personal needs and the eagerness to offer a complete experience can make when travelling.

In Amaryllis we take hospitality seriously. We will serve you our rich traditional handmade breakfast the time you prefer, and we will present you our daily dishes of elaborated local cuisine. We will fetch you that little thing you forgot. We will guide you to how you can best explore Zagorohoria, whether you are interested in activities, hiking, sightseeing or taste. We will help you find the best hotel in your next destination and you can count on us to prepare your trip in advance, before you even reach Greece.

We are locals and we know every inch of the place and we take time to suggest routes and activities according to our guests preferences. We can book activities for you though our certified outdoor partners, guide you to the best restaurants and tell you where to buy premium quality Greek products. It will be our pleasure to help you make the best of your trip in Zagorohoria.

We are a team of people that have worked, lived and travelled to different parts of the world with experience in customer service, communication and cooking. We really love hospitality and we always take the extra mile to serve and accommodate the needs of our guests in a discreet but personalized way. We welcome you to Zagorohoria and to Amaryllis Boutique Guest House.

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