The Zagorochoria Experience

Zagori (Zagorohoria), meaning the place behind the mountain, is a large (100 X 100 km2) area of pristine natural beauty in the heart of protected “Northern Pindos National Park” which is part of Natura 2000 and a candidate location for UNESCO World Heritage .

It comprises a group of 46 picturesque villages distinguished for their diverse fauna and flora, local history, rich culture, traditional cuisine and unique stone houses architecture.

Vikos-Aoos, a UNESCO Global Geopark, awaits the visitor to discover its untouched natural beauty. Vikos Gorge, Voidomatis River and mythical Dragonlakes, are just a few of the area’s gems. Zagori is also famous for its cuisine and delicious recipes and Ano Pedina host many music and cultural events throughout the year.

Zagorohoria is a lifetime experience. Outdoor activities like rafting, canyoning or hiking, sightseeing, immersing in nature, visiting villages by car or going further with 4X4, tasting the local cuisine and enjoying film festivals or local events with food and music, it is all year waiting to be explored and enjoyed.
All 46 villages are connected with walking trails and imposing mountains, deep gorges, clean rivers, waterfalls and endless colourful flora make Zagorohoria an absolutely unique location.

There is a distinctly different sensation according to the time of the year. Here, you can observe the blossoming nature in spring, listen to the song of the nightingale on a cool summer day, gaze across the morning mist over the valley or enjoy the pink-grey sunset and the sudden storms during autumn, and feel the beauty of the winter scenery among snow-capped mountains, the river, and the gorge.

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