The Guest House

Our guest house is a stone-built mansion of the 19th century located at the village of Ano Pedina, in Zagorohoria, which underwent a refined renovation in 2009. By pairing the aesthetics of the French countryside with the traditional local architecture, we have created 3 stone buildings that contain 8 romantic rooms filled with the stuff dreams are made of.

Our aim is to make your stay at Amaryllis an experience to remember long after your wonderful visit around the gorgeous area of Zagorohoria!

The Amaryllis Guest House is ideal for all seasons throughout the year. Here, you can observe the blossoming nature in spring, listen to the song of the nightingale on a cool summer day, gaze across the morning mist over the valley or enjoy the pink-grey sunset and the sudden storms during autumn, and feel the beauty of the winter scenery among snow-capped mountains, the river and the gorge.

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Main Lounge, Dining and Play area

When entering the main building to access the reception and lounge, you find yourself in a space featuring arches, staircases, architectural lines, wooden floors and walls painted in charming, patinated soft colours that together with the handmade, French beech wood furniture with luxurious English fabrics, they all convey a sense of wellness and good taste.

The antique lighting fixtures along with the large white-marble fireplace, the carved mirrors, the paintings and the leather bound books arranged on a wall shelf form part of a space characterised by high quality and subtle beauty. Music is another element here that provides a pleasant ambience for visitors who can sit by the warm fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine or other drinks with their friends!

Further up, walking through an arch and up a few stone stairs you come to breakfast – dining lounge. This is a pleasant area with soft colours patinated walls, hand- made tables and chairs and French style cutlery and a collection of decorative porcelain. You can enjoy hand made breakfast, elaborated local cuisine meals or just play cards, chess or other table games with your friends.


The Amaryllis Guest House comprises a main building and two separate ones built around a spacious central yard that gives the impression of a small village. The surrounding area is simply stunning; just behind the guest house stands a mountain full of beautiful vegetation while in front of it an ocean of mountaintops is revealed creating an atmosphere of absolute tranquillity.

This large outdoor area extends to several different levels with verandas, stairs and quiet private yards, where our guests can enjoy the peaceful views of the mountains, the sky and the sounds of nature. There are many comfortable, handmade armchairs and wrought iron tables arranged all over this area, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your stay.

You can have breakfast or meal in the main veranda, you can choose your personal shaded corner to read or you can work on your laptop while enjoying a coffee or a glass of wine.

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Let yourself indulge in a unique aesthetic and gastronomic experience by starting your day with our breakfast!
Breakfast is served either at the dining room or at the yards of the guest house, and at the time of your convenience after 8:30 a.m. – an option that all of our guests really adore!

We use a variety of local productsto offer you a mix of different flavours every day, such as the famous “alevropita” (a freshly-baked cheese pie), freshly-laid eggs, Quiche Lorraine filled with local mushrooms, and French toast with sugar and cinnamon. You can also taste our pancakes with walnuts and honey, pies stuffed with rice and raisins, semolina cream pies, handmade sweet and savoury brownies and muffins,homemade apple pies and other delicacies that change daily to match with charcuterie and cheese, fluffy cakes, delicious marmalades made with seasonal fruits, top-quality local honey and fresh butter from Epirus, fresh juices and certainly coffee and tea of your choice.

Have a nice day!

Light Dinner and Drinks

Having a dinner in the Amaryllis Guest House is certainly an experience to try. You can order selected daily chef level dishes of local traditional elaborated cuisine, colourful fresh salads or a platter of charcuterie and cheese to accompany with a bottle of red or white wine. Zagori in an area with abundant high- quality meat, river fish and shellfish and it’s famous for its tasty sweet and sour pies and hearty soups.

You can choose the dining room, the veranda or the comfort of your room. Feel free to enjoy your drink by the warm fireplace on a cold winter night or at the cool yards during summer.

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