Ano Pedina

Ano Pedina is a beautiful village with imposing mansions, old churches and squares that host many music and cultural events throughout the year. Known for their community spirit and warm hospitality, the locals here share a genuine interest for any traveller visiting their picturesque village, which is built at an altitude of 1,100 m. Together with Kato Pedina and Elafotopos, this village forms part of Kampos – a plateau of unique natural beauty and a wetland of special interest.

Ano Pedina is located at the heart of Zagorohoria, which makes it ideal for visiting many attractions of the area like the Vikos gorge, the Voidomatis river, several stone-built bridges, interesting villages and beautiful trails, and all these within only 5 minutes to half an hour from our guest house. In this way, you can get around the area easily before returning back to the comfort and quiet of the Amaryllis Luxury Guest House.

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