Local Cuisine

Zagori is famous for its rich and tasty cuisine. The area has an abundance of vegetables, legumes, fruit, meat, river fish and shellfish, honey and mushrooms (around November is the mushroom harvest period and outdoor companies offer daily mushroom collection, cooking and tasting excursions). There is also local wine and cheese production.

Zagori flagship dish is pies (definitely the best in Greece), that come in all different shapes and tastes, sweet and sour. Different recipes with wild boar, trout and river crayfish, beans with herbs, meat in the oven with rice are also quite common (and very tasty). The overall level of restaurants in Zagori is quite high and the main difference is whether they offer plain local cooking or elaborated recipes. Eating places also come in different environments, from proper restaurant style to more casual settings in the villages famous central squares (with a very local and pleasant feeling).

There are restaurants that specialize, for example, in mushroom recipes or in elaborated Greek cuisine. You can also visit an agro tourism unit in which you can have a fascinating experience of animal breeding cycle and agricultural production, get to know the art of weaving and felt, and enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant of the unit with ingredients produced here.

We know every inch of the area and the eating out options and we will be more that happy to share our knowledge with you.

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