The area of Zagorohoria on the northwestern part of the Pindus mountain range comprises a group of 46 picturesque villages distinguished for their local history, culture and architecture that are located approximately 30 km from the city of Ioannina and the airport.
The excellent road network connecting all of these villages makes them easily accessible. Moreover, they are equipped with everything visitors could ask for during their stay.
Here, options can satisfy nearly everyone: from lively or quiet villages to villages with marvelous views or hidden in the dense forests. The surrounding environment consists of beautiful forests, steep mountaintops, rivers with crystal clear waters and alpine lakes.

Here, one can admire the local architecture which is defined by stone and wood, two essential materials that have been widely used for building homes. Luckily, most of the villages in this area are subject to relevant laws regarding traditional settlements, so local architecture has been largely protected and conserved.

The Vikos gorge is definitely another natural attraction worth seeing. If you get there, do not miss the opportunity to take a walk along the signaled trail that forms part of the E4 path.

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