The Area

Zagori (Zagoroxoria)

Meaning the place behind the mountain, is an area of pristine natural beauty in the heart of protected “Northern Pindos National Park” which is part of Natura 2000 and a candidate location for UNESCO World Heritage.

It comprises a group of 46 picturesque villages distinguished for their diverse fauna and flora, local history, rich culture, traditional cuisine and unique stone houses architecture. Vikos-Aoos, a UNESCO Global Geopark, awaits the visitor to discover its untouched natural beauty. Vikos Gorge, Voidomatis River and mythical Dragonlakes, are just a few of the area’s gems.

Zagori  is also famous for its cuisine and delicious recipes and Ano Pedina host many music  and cultural events throughout the year.

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The city of Ioannina

With its magnificent lake, medieval inhabited fortress, old city architecture, modern pedestrianized part with excellent shopping opportunities especially in local products and silverware, important museums and a robust night life is only 40 minutes away.
Ioannina airport is even closer, just 30 minutes from Amaryllis.

Anilio Ski Center in Metsovo

Elevated to the top of Pindos, with a comparative advantage of easy and direct access via the Egnatia Road (just 7km from the Anilio Exit), 24-hour snowmaking services, clean and safe road network, Anilio Adventure Park is a separate meeting point for skiing, skiing, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, alternative ways of relaxation and entertainment, at the geographical junction of Macedonia-Epirus-Thessaly.

The location of Amaryllis

Amaryllis Boutique Guest House is conveniently located right in the centre of the Zagori area making it the perfect departure spot for all activities and excursions in the area.

Situated in the highest spot of  Ano Pedina, (altitude 1,100 m), a beautiful village with imposing mansions, old churches and squares, it offers uninterrupted views to the mountain tops and to magnificent sunsets as well as a sense of pure calm and tranquillity.

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