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Breakfast, light dinner and drinks - Excursion suggestions & Concierge

Breakfast, light dinner and drinks

Let yourself indulge in a unique aesthetic and gastronomic experience by starting your day with our breakfast!
Our breakfast is varied, healthy and nutrient. It is all handmade by us daily, using local ingredients and diversifying it according to the season of the year. It is rich and fulfilling and will keep you going for the daily activities which, in Zagori, can be quite demanding.

We use a variety of local products to offer you a mix of different flavours every day, such as the famous “alevropita” (a freshly-baked cheese pie), freshly-laid eggs, Quiche Lorraine filled with local mushrooms, and French toast with sugar and cinnamon. You can also taste our pancakes with walnuts and honey, pies stuffed with rice and raisins, semolina cream pies, handmade sweet and savoury brownies and muffins,homemade apple pies and other delicacies that change daily to match with charcuterie and cheese, fluffy cakes, delicious marmalades made with seasonal fruits, top-quality local honey and fresh butter from Epirus, fresh juices and certainly coffee and tea of your choice. Have a nice day!

Breakfast is served either at the dining room or at the yards of the guest house, and at the time of your convenience after 8:30 a.m. – an option that all of our guests really adore! We can accommodate for more specialized timings (early start for activities) upon request.

Having a dinner in the Amaryllis Guest House is certainly an experience to try. You can order selected daily chef level dishes of local traditional elaborated cuisine, colourful fresh salads or a platter of charcuterie and cheese to accompany with a bottle of red or white wine. Zagori in an area with abundant high- quality meat, river fish and shellfish and it’s famous for its tasty sweet and sour pies and hearty soups.
You can choose the dining room, the veranda or the comfort of your room. Feel free to enjoy your drink by the warm fireplace on a cold winter night or at the cool yards during summer.

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Excursion suggestions

In Amaryllis we take hospitality seriously.

We are travellers ourselves and we understand the difference that local knowledge and willingness to serve can make in your travelling experience.
We know every inch of the place and can advice according to your personal preferences and taste.

You might be interested in exploring nature, or seeing villages, or delving in outdoor activities, or in trying local cuisine or, as it is most common, in a combination with a main preference to one of the options.

We are locals and we know every inch of the place.
We can give you detailed advice, written routes and we will take time to explain to you every necessary detail to really enjoy you days in Zagori.
On the practical side we can book activities for you through our certified outdoor partner, Trekking Hellas if you so wish.

We will give you our contact number to call us any time you need more information during your excursions.

Finally we will suggest restaurants on your route, according to your preferences and budged, and we will inform you of our daily dishes if you prefer to have your dinner with us.


You are on holidays and what we all want when on holidays is to make the best of our time.

But things happen and there can be unforeseen events or needs.
It might be a personal care item that you forgot to take with you, a dietary requirement that you forgot to mention to us in advance, a suggestion for an hotel for your next destination, a proposal for where to buy local products on your stay or departure, or a health emergency.

We will do our best to cover for you everything that might come up, obviously with no charge other than the cost of items we will fetch for you. You can rely on us for a complete travelling experience, undisturbed by last minute issues.
Amaryllis Boutique Guest House - Υπηρεσίες Θυρωρείου
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