Anilio Ski Center in Metsovo

Elevated to the top of Pindos, with a comparative advantage of easy and direct access via the Egnatia Road (just 7km from the Anilio Exit), 24-hour snowmaking services, clean and safe road network, Anilio Adventure Park is a separate meeting point for skiing, skiing, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, alternative ways of relaxation and entertainment, at the geographical junction of Macedonia-Epirus-Thessaly.

Το The Ski Centre of Anilio started operating in 2012 and is the newest ski resort in Greece. It has been renamed Anilio Adventure Park, recommending the idea of an integrated Park in the natural environment, full of life and action for adults, children, families, visitors, who love the mountain and mountain activities all year round. It offers different types of skiing (alpine, resistance, mountaineering) snow bord and snowmobile.

Egnatia Odos leads you directly to Anilio Adventure Park, at an altitude of 1,850m (base 1,680m), just 7km from the Anilio Exodus, through the forest overlooking the villages of Anilio and Metsovo opposite. The road is paved and the Municipality of Metsovo with the Region of Epirus cooperate effectively in the issues of maintenance and snowplowing, with the technical services being on hand throughout the winter.
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